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Awards of Aiya

2019 Aichi Service Award "Special Award"

In Aichi Prefecture, in order to improve the productivity of the prefecture's service industry, we are looking for companies that are advocating for advanced services, and commend excellent cases of success as the "Aichi Service Award".

Aiya received a special award because it opened a "experience-based matcha specialty museum" where you can enjoy matcha with all five senses and greatly contributed to the promotion of the local brand "Nishio no Matcha".

2017 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "regional future towing company" elected

Aiya has been elected to the "regional future towing company" as a core company as a driver of regional by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

In the matcha production, the reason for the selection is that it creates high added value by utilizing the characteristics of the region, has an economic ripple effect on local businesses, and is a strong driver of regional economic growth.

2016 Received the "Japan Gift Award/Aichi Prize"

The "Japan Gift Awards" is an award established to create gifts of various shapes and to support deep Japanese exchange.

The activation of gifts not only makes the warmth in the heart of the Japanese people into shape, but also enhances the joy of the recipient and the recipient, and eventually enriches the culture and industry throughout Japan.

Aiya won the "Aichi Award" for selecting only one product in each prefecture for its "Assortment of Matcha Baumkuchen and Tea".

2015 Received "Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director's Award" (Grand Prize) in "100-Year Corporate Award"

The 100-Year Corporate Award is aimed at recognizing the management philosophy of a long-lived company that has been in business for over 100 years, and awarding outstanding companies that serve as a model for other companies in the region and outstanding companies that contribute to local employment and tax revenue.

Aiya was awarded the "Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director's Award", which is equivalent to the grand prize, at the 1st "100-Year Corporate Award" for its early development of the matcha market as a raw material for food processing since the 1960s.

2014 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100"

In order to quickly respond to recent changes in the industrial structure and demands, we have a high global share in niche fields as well as large companies and major industry groups, and we are doing excellent management. The Japanese economy as a whole is required to strengthen mid-sized companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (GNT companies).

Aiyawas recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as having achieved a high market share in the field of matcha, and was selected as one of the "Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100".

2007 "41st Good Company Award" Excellent Company Award

The "Good Company Award" is an award established to develop Japanese SMEs by selecting from among the SMEs nationwide, the companies that have achieved excellent economic and social results and making a public announcement.

Aiya received the "Excellent Company Award". This award has been particularly remarkable in the fields of management renewal, technology development, market development, and distribution reform, and it is a company with excellent content that has achieved considerable progress over the last three years. It is given to excellent companies that are equivalent to the grand prix in 7 areas(※).

※7 areas...Hokkaido/Tohoku, Kanto, Hokuriku/Koshinetsu, Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku/Shikoku, Kyushu/Okinawa

2007 Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as "300 energetic SMEs in manufacturing"

The "300 energetic SMEs in manufacturing" selects the Manufacturing SMEs that play an important role so that the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will increase the interest in the manufacturing field centered on young people.

In 2007, Aiya was selected as one of the 300 companies because of its high reputation for its advanced matcha manufacturing process.