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GREEMINAL®OM, color preserving matcha of AIYA
(Registered trademark No. 5221678)

 Appeal of matcha lies in its green beauty along with the taste and aroma. However, the color brightness was inevitably lost at the time of food processing. Developing matcha which does not lose color when heat is applied was a longtime dream of the industry.

 After 10 years of thorough researches, AIYA produced color preserving matcha GREEMINAL®OM. With a special production process, impalpable powder of matcha is uniformly coated with edible oil. The product can be used in the same manner as ordinary matcha.

Color preserving & coloring

Under fluorescent lights,
room temperature (20-26 degrees Celsius), humidity (30-60%)

After 30 days, Conventional matcha → Decolorized,GREEMINAL OM → Not decolorized

Moisture proof

A graph of the moisture in matcha and moisture in OM according to the days
Coloring effectDeeper green color compared to normal matcha.
Color preservingConsistent dark green tone is maintained. It is specially resistant to light and is recommended for products displayed under florescent lights.
Moisture proofIt is less subject to water absorption because the matcha is coated with oil, so it can be used for decorating sweets.
Scatter proofWork efficiency is improved by preventing scatter when pouring a large amount of matcha in food manufacturing factories.
Edible oil
The original flavor of matcha is maintained because edible oil is tasteless and scentless. Fast absorbing and metabolizing and body-friendly oil with less fat accumulation.