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Quality Control System

AIYA produces matcha with a flawless Quality Control System.




  1. 法令を遵守し、お客様の要望に応え満足いただける商品・サービスの提供に努めます。
  2. 社業を通じ地元・茶産業の食品安全向上に貢献します。
  3. 食品の安全・安心を第一に考え、適正利潤を追求するとともに、
  4. 品質保証体制を継続的に整備し、維持・向上に努めます。

Hygienic production line complies with strict HACCP standards

 AIYA established a production line integrating hygiene management, safety guarantee for products, facility maintenance and management and food defense measures. We predict future risks, identify important points of control to prevent risks. We monitor and record those points continuously in all processes from arrival of raw materials to production and shipping.


 AIYA is a pioneer in the industry, seeing matcha as food and analyzing matcha objectively based on scientific (mathematical) evidences. Our quality control department provides original product specifications which include requirements from customers, such as color difference, moisture, particle size along with analysis of general live bacteria, colon bacilli, mold and yeast.

Third Party Quality Certification

 AIYA has obtained the following third party certifications and guarantees to deliver safe products.