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Tea Classification
Typical Green Tea

Leaves harvested from the same tea tree are classified differently according to the level of fermentation.

Tea, Non-fermented tea (Green tea), Half-fermented tea (oolong tea), Fully-fermented tea (black tea) | Steamed (Japanese style), Tencha (matcha), Gyokuro, Sencha, Fukamushi sencha, Bancha, Hojicha, Genmaicha | Pan-fired (Chinese style), Tamaryokucha | Ooolong tea, Hoshucha | Black tea


Green tea is a representative of "non-fermented tea" which is made by inhibiting the fermentation process through steaming and pan-frying.
Oolong tea is a representative of semi-fermented tea.
Black tea is a representative of fully-fermented tea.

Introduction of popular green teas

In addition to Matcha, AIYA produces a variety of premium Japanese green teas using techniques that have been inspired by its history and tradition since 1888.
All products have vivid colors deriving from greenness of tea leaves. Various teas with tender colors that can be enjoyed with the eyes, tasted with the tongue and felt within the body.

  • Tencha



  • Gyokuro


    The best-grade tea with smooth aroma and mild sweetness. Flavor­ful taste can be brought out by long extraction with lukewarm water.

  • Sencha


    A balanced daily tea that has all umami, sweetness, astrin­gency and aroma of green tea. Both refreshing aroma and mild sweetness are contained.

  • Hojicha


    This is roasted bancha. Leaf color is brown. Recommended for child­ren and sick persons because of its low bitter­ness and sourness and light taste.

  • Genmaicha


    A blend of sencha and brown rice (domestically-produced glutinous rice). Aromatic and rich flavor. Genmaicha instantly brewed with boiling water has a nice smell and rich flavor.

  • Kukicha


    Stem sorted in the process of producing matcha and gyokuro. This tea has a sweetness similar to gyokuro and a unique stem flavor. It can be brewed easily with hot water.