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Benefits of Matcha



  • Obesity prevention

    Matcha contains tea catechin which burns body fat efficiently, so it is useful for obesity prevention and effective for dieting.

  • Anti-aging effect

    Tea catechin removes active oxygen which accelerates aging, thus prevents spots, wrinkles and skin sagging.

  • Relaxation effect

    Matcha contains theanine in high amount which has a relaxation effect. Matcha has a large theanine content which has a relaxation effect.

  • Dementia prevention

    Caffeine has an effect of boosting cerebral activation which is said to prevent dementia.

  • Matcha makes your skin beautiful

    The Vitamin C in matcha, together with catechin reduces melanin pigmentation and generates beautiful skin.

  • Cavity prevention

    Matcha contains fluorine compound that prevents cavities and bad breath.

Matcha is a magical beverage!

 Unlike other tea, matcha is ground powder enabling ingesting the whole tea leaf. Only water-soluble components can be ingested from green tea made by hot water normally, but the whole tea leaf can be ingested from matcha, allowing consumption of abundant good nutrients found in tea leaves.

Professor Masashi Omori

Professor emeritus at Otsuma Women's University
Head of a "University of the Tea" at Otsuma Women's University
President of Nihoncha Fukyu Kyokai (lit. Japanese tea extension association)
Postdoctoral scholar of agricultural chemistry at Tokyo University of Agriculture's Graduate School
Active in media as a tea doctor.

Requirements for Good Matcha


An expert teaches you the requirements for good matcha- How does the expert determine the price of matcha? -

Experts performs a sensory analysis on tencha, the ingredient of matcha, not on the matcha itself. Price is determined based on the resulting grade.
Sensory analysis consists of the following 5 analytical prospects.

Tea grounds (color), Tea liquid color, Flavor, Luster, Shape (touching inspection is a requisite)

 Sensory analysis is also perfor­med on tencha dipped in hot (or boiling) water. The expert judges comprehensively and classifies the grade of matcha based on many years of experience.
 At AIYA, experienced tea experts exam and select high-quality matcha to meet customer's demands.